My Favorite Things



My favorite thing during EPGY was being at Stanford to play, hang out, and learn.

What does a void function return? A  void does NOT return anything.

What does an int function return? An int function returns

What is the difference between a function and a datatype ( The difference between a function and a datatype is a datatype is a type of data and a function is a way to organize instructions. 

What is the difference between a function and a class ( The difference between a function and a class is a class is a construct to define a type. All classes must include four elements: name, data, constructor, and methods.

What is the difference between a class and a data structure? The difference between a class and a data structure is a data structure is a particular way of storing and organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.

What goes inside the curly braces? What go inside the curly braces are multiple lines of commands.

What does the And Gate (&&) do? The And Gate requires 2 light switches to be on to turn on a light.

What does the Or Gate (||) do? The Or Gate requires at least 1 light to be on to turn on the light.


The best video games I played at camp were: and

My favorite type of games are: Strategy, Puzzle, Role-Playing, Simulation, and Fun ones.

EPGY Gallery:

Game Review #9 Story Teller

LGS           Story teller

This is basically a role-playing story. Click the people and drag them, see what happens! The andornot gates form the basis of digital logic based on boolean algebra. It is the way all digital computers work at the circuitry level.

This game compared to Logical Gate Simulator

The Gate Simulator is a “game” where you test out controls like OR gate, or AND gate.

Computer History Museum


My experience was great at the Computer History Museum. I bought a computer eraser, a magnet, and robot stickers. The drive was short maybe about a 15 minute drive. The buses were nice and we went with High Schoolers. I went with a group of friends. We spent most of our time in the shop and looked at toys and stuff. But, the museum was really cool. There were many computers and other technology while we explored. It showed how computers and game consoles, got smaller during the years.

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Project Proposal

photo Diva, Myria, and I are making a Robot. We will combine one robot claw onto one Explorer robot. One of us will control the claw brick to make it move. This will be cool because we can pick up different things with our claw while the other half moves around and can pick up some trash or balls around the room. It will be entertaining and challenging at the same time.

Building My Robot

my team is: Team 5
my team members are: Marion, Diva, Aanya
my robot is named:

my experience with building my robot was: fun, but the speed of building was slow

First we built the robot. Then we got the code from online. Then we created a new Java project called Bumper Car
Then we added the Libraries LeJOS NXT Runtime. Then we converted the Project into LeJOS NXT Program. Then we uploaded the code to the Robot from Eclipse and we got the code from a website. This is what the robot did, go forward, backwards, stop, turn, and react to walls.NXJ

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